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  • Claudia Vitali

    Sensuality, magic and transparency is what I search for in each of my designs.I enjoy walking along the streets, watching a modern, daring woman a woman that has no prejudices who is feminine, elegant and independent.Not seeking general tendencies I rather try to understand form (design) as form of life.Her unique way of treating female sensuality, simple and elegant designsand her own way of combining different materials like cotton, silk, lycras and transperency creates the very distinctive and personal. Claudia Vitali-look, which is already spreading through the streets  of Barcelona, Ibiza, Berlin and Chile!

    Claudia Vitali, Fashion Designer

    Born in Sao Paulo, Brasil. With 6 years she came to Santiago de Chile, were she finished some time late her fashion design studies at Inacap institute.After finishing her degree she went to Barcelona, Spain, where she studied stylism in audiovisual communication. In the year 2009 she founded her label Claudia Vitali. Her name is already recognized in Europe, her pieces are strolling around on the beaches of Ibiza, in the streets of Barcelona and of course Berlin, where her collection was covering the billboards of the citys underground during Berlin Fashion Week.