Vanguardia en la ciudad

vanguardia en la ciudad

As a designer, Claudia Vitali is obsessively devoted to her own style and at the same time manages to create new and innovative breezes in each of her collections.
Born in Brasil, she lived for a long time in Chile and after went to Europe to explore Barcelona and Berlin for several years. Now she regressed to our country with a new “bet”: her own shop in the Drugstore.
Her name is already recognized in Europe, her pieces are strolling around on the beaches of Ibiza, in the streets of Barcelona and of course Berlin, where her collection was covering the billboards of the citys underground during Berlin Fashion Week 2013.
Claudio maintains a straight relation with the city, which one can appreciate, feel and touch in her recent collections.
Last year she returned to Chile with the successfull concept of Body Motion, reintroducing the iconic garment of the 90s, the body, this time remade, with technological fabrics, lycras and transparencies, which caused furor in between the celebrities, actors and fashion producers of Santiago.
Experimens with cut, hyper-graphic prints and special eye-catching frabrics are her brand mark.
The recently opend shop is in the Galería Drugstore (Local 25B). Apart from the Claudia Vitali collection you will find there designs of Juanita de León and shoes of Promenade, for man and woman.

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